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This article is intended for ad networks who are using the vNative platform and would like to integrate with AppMetrica App Tracking solution.

AppMetrica is able to send attribution data to vNative for both install and in-app events.

To initiate the integration you need:

  1. Your tracking link
  2. Your postback (for installs and in-app events)

Creating your AppMetrica Tracking Link

The tracking link consists of the below AppMetrica base tracking link and additional macros added by the ad-network.

AppMetrica documentation:

See below AppMetrica base tracking link with a detailed explanation per macro:

AppMetrica Base URLDescription
google_aidhighly recommended
android_idUnique android ID, highly recommended
ios_ifaios device id, highly recommended

See below what the complete tracking link should look like after you have added additional vNative macros:{click_id}&google_aid={p3}

For AppMetrica complete list of parameters click here.

For the vNative complete list of macros click here.

Creating your Install and In-App Event Postbacks

See below a step by step explanation on how to create your install and in-app event postbacks at the vNative platform:

  1. Create or select a campaign that uses the Postback w/Click ID protocol
  2. In the details section of the campaign page, select postback URL in Conversion tracking
  3. Copy the postback URL that appears in the box labeled conversion tracking URL
  4. Remove the {click_id} parameter and value from the postback URL to change the postback from a specific postback into a global postback

For more information please click here.

Global Install Postback:{click_id}&security_token=SECURITY_TOKEN

SECURITY_TOKEN is the unique security token name provided by vNative.

Global In-App Event Postback:{click_id}&security_token=SECURITY_TOKEN&goal_id={goal_id}

SECURITY_TOKEN is the unique security token name provided by vNative.

goal_id= Set as Event Tag in the AppMetrica dashboard for each app by the advertiser – this is the actual in-app event name from the application.

For details of Parameters of the PostBack URL, click here.

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