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Publisher tracking link is a simple URL which contains all information related to a campaign, publisher restrictions etc. when a visitor opens it in a browser a new click is generated and assigned to the respective publisher.

Clicks in vNative are generated through publisher tracking link only, with every hit on the URL a unique click_id is generated by vNative, this click_id is further linked with conversions or goals tracked by vNative platform.

vNative uses extra secure hashed tracking link so as to avoid altering of link values.

Generating Publisher Tracking Link

Open any campaign which you have created from Campaign Manage page. You will find this card on the Campaign Info page.

Choose any publisher from the dropdown menu to generate a unique tracking link. The Image below shows how your tracking link looks like


Customising Publisher Tracking Link

Your publisher tracking can also do more with five different functions

  1. Add Sub-Ids
  2. Add Deeplink
  3. Add Source
  4. Impression Pixel
  5. Change Tracking Domain
  6. Landing page

Add Sub-Ids

Sub-Ids are used to pass extra data in URL for reasons below

  • configuring server to server integration with other tracking software (here your publisher tracking software)
  • Sub Affiliate Reporting
  • Landing page¬† info and other ad campaign info eg, creative, device_id etc

vNative supports 4 sub ids for pro/agency accounts and 10 sub ids for Enterprise accounts, they are termed as p1,p2,p3,p4,p5,p6,p7,p8,p9 and p10 which are further appended to publisher tracking link.

Add Deeplink

Deeplink URL is an extra parameter added to publisher tracking link which allows publishers to redirect visitor to any url associated to campaign default URL.

For example if you have created a Cost per Sale campaign for product 1 only and wants visitors to be redirected to another procuct you can add another product url in the deeplink option at vNative Tracking Link card

Add Source

Source is a tracking parameter to identify traffic source of any publisher in a campaign, source is visible in all reporting

Impression Pixel

With vNative platform you can also track impressions generated by the publisher, check the Impression Pixel checkbox to get impression pixel for the publisher. The Impression generated can be checked through Impression Logs Report.

Change Tracking Domain

If you have more than 1 domain then for Specific Publisher/Advertisers you can assign change domain of the tracking link.

Landing Page

Lear more about landing page from here

Managing Publisher Tracking Link

Go to Campaign >> Tracking Link from left menu to enable or disable tracking link. you can also search all the active tracking link by filtering publisher, campaign, status and Id

Change Redirect Method

vNative supports two types of redirect method.

  1. JS Redirect (Code – 200 | Recommended) this method helps us to track any fraud traffic on your campaign
  2. Permanent Redirect (Code – 302) its a direct redirect without any bot tracking.

API Publisher Tracking Link Generation

In your vNative Tracking Platform tracking link can also be generated through API

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