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Payout TIERs allows you to set Custom Payout for a group publishers and is used for those networks who have large number of offer with same payout for most publishers.

You can group publisher on the basis of their performance and then make sure the top performing publishers get better payout. A network can have the following payout TIER (example)

  1. Platinum
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Standard

Lets say that any publisher who joins your network are auto assigned to Standard TIER and once they start giving good conversions you can reward them by updating their TIER to a better level like Silver, Gold etc to give them better payout on the same campaign.

Enable Payout TIERs

Go to Customize from Top Navbar and then select Publisher from left menu.

You will then See Publisher Payout TIER option, enable this and hit Save.

Creating Payout TIER

From Dashboard Go to Publisher >> Payout TIERs and click on  + New Tier button on top right. Enter TIER name, level and active status and hit Save.

Create as many TEIR as you want for your publishers, To set a default TIER hit Set Default button.

Assigning Publisher to TIERs

After all the Publisher Tiers have been created you can then start assigning them to your publishers

Go to Publisher >> Manage Page from left menu and open the profile of publisher whose Payout TIER to change, then click on Edit in Setting Card on Publisher Info Page.

Payout TIER in Campaign

To assign payout Tiers to publishers, create a new campaign and select payout method to be Tier in Revenue and Payout Card while creating campaign


After the Campaign is created, publishers will start receiving payout based on their Tier.


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