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Fraud is a HUGE problem in Internet Marketing, study shows 40% of every click generated on the Internet is Bot or fraud click.

vNative has Bot Detection feature included in all plans to detect publisher fraud activity, it determines fraud activity on various factors some of them are

  • IP Validity
  • Proxy-Connection
  • Location and TimeZone
  • Cookie Permission
  • Known Devices
  • User Agent
  • Device Fingerprinting
  • Bot Mesh Algorithm
  • many more…

Your report will include all factors for marking any conversion or click a bot click.

Fraud Report

vNative Fraud reports show an aggregated view of Click to Conversion time. As highlighted in the example below you can see 20 total conversions while 18 conversions in less than 2 minutes.

For CPI any conversion under 30sec is fraud or simulated install, for CPL any conversion under 2 mins is Fraud Lead or Conversion.

The Time Difference < 2min, 2-10 min, etc can be customized.

Conversion Fraud Report

It shows the complete device info, click to conversion time, known user agent, city, ISP, region etc

Fighting Fraud with Validation Rules

vNative has Validation Rules which you can set for any Publisher, Advertiser, Campaign to allow or reject any conversions based on Click to Conversion Time, User Agent, City, Source etc.

vNative Smart Optimize can help you optimize delivery by blocking traffic of sub ids or sub publisher sources with very less CR/EPC etc. Contact your vNative account manager for demo.

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