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In vNative Platform you can send email notification to publishers, advertisers in Rich Text HTML format. To access notifications centre click on Notifications from left menu. Users can view notifications from top nav bar bell icon.

Creating Notifications

From Notifications Page click on Add new notification button, enter subject, message and User selection.

User Selection has three different options

After selecting one of the above option you can add or remove user from target or by default select All

Schedule later option allows you to send notification later. Now hit Save.

Managing Notifications

In vNative platform you can view all your notifications at one place with Sender data and Message, you can delete/archive notification if you want

System Generated Notifications

vNative also sends many system generated notifications to reduce your workload on notifying your publishers, the following are list of notifications send :

  • CAP Update/Reached
  • Account Register
  • Account Status
  • Publisher/Campaign Payout Change
  • PostBack
  • Campaign Permission Access for Publishers
  • Tracking Link Status
  • Campaign Status

Whenever there is any update on any status, network admin can audit that through Timeline

Common Email Templates

You can update the email templates for default system generated notifications sent to your publishers. Following emails are sent

  • Publisher Created
  • Publisher Pending
  • Publisher Approved
  • Publisher Rejected
  • Advertiser Created
  • Advertiser Pending
  • Advertiser Approved
  • Advertiser Rejected

HTML with external assets is allowed. You can also insert the following variables that will be populated when delivered to the user:

  • <%= %> : User’s Full Name
  • <%= %> : User’s Email
  • <%= pass %> : User’s  Password
  • <%= %> : The name of your network

Sample Email Template link

SMTP Settings (Optional)

To send email notifications to your publisher via your domain, you have to set the SMTP setting in Domain Customise. You can get SMTP details from your email id provider. Go to Customise >> Domain and select SMTP Tab

  • SMTP Server: Enter your mail/SMTP server IP or domain.
  • SMTP  “From” Email Address: For all emails sent from vNative, this will appear as the ‘from’ email address (unless overridden in specific email templates).
  • SMTP Server “From” Name: For all emails sent from vNative, this will appear as the sender’s name.
  • SMTP Username: If required, enter mail server username here.
  • SMTP Password: If required, enter mail server password here.
  • Port Number: Enter mail server port number here (Default: 25).
  • Security Type: Enable this option if your mail server required transmission via SSL/TLS or  STARTTLS.

Now hit save. Enter your email in Send Test Mail to:  test the settings are correct.


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