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In vNative Platform, you can also invite other employees and Team members to manage accounts of your advertisers or Publishers. These managers can access data of their assigned publishers or advertisers to perfectly manage their account.

The Team Member roles in vNative are:

  • Publisher Manager – Access to assigned publishers and their data
  • Advertiser Manager – Access to assigned advertisers and their data
  • Analyst – Read-only access to all network data
  • Admin – Complete access to everything i.e billing, users etc
  • Sub Admin – All access expect Billing info.

Adding Team Member

Click on your name in the navbar at the top right and click on team members

Employees and other Team members can be easily added to vNative, click on Add new Member button on the top right on Manage Team members page.

Enter the basic details, select role and hit Save.


Link Management

Access to Publisher Tracking link, select appropriate values based on your needs.

Assigning Account Manager

You can assign private campaigns to the specific publisher by selecting publishers from the bulk action and assign campaigns to the specific publisher.



For roles Publisher Manager or Advertiser manager you have to assign few publishers to the newly created publisher manager or advertiser manager.

Go to Team Members page from navbar and open the account info page of any manager(Publisher/Advertiser)

Publisher Managers will be able to see all the data of publishers assigned to their account and will be able to generate links, invoices etc of these publishers

Advertiser Managers will be able to see all the data of advertisers assigned to their account and will be able to create the campaign, bills etc of these advertisers

Publisher/Advertiser Panel

After assigning the users to their respective managers they will be able to see the assigned manager details from their panel.

Publishers will be able to see publisher manager assigned to them and advertisers will be able to see advertiser manager assigned to them.


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