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All advertisers registered with your account can be viewed by visiting Advertiser >> Manage from the left menu.

You can delete advertiser, edit basic details and login into the panel of advertiser directly from here.

Advertiser Account

From this page, you can edit, delete and see access logs and postback logs for this advertiser

Your Advertiser Account has four options

  1. Basic Details
  2. Global PostBack
  3. Settings
  4. Custom Fields

Basic Details

Shows the summary of Advertiser account with buttons to delete, disable, edit and login to the profile. Login As allows you to login to the advertiser account interface and see dashboard and reports as them. Timeline: shows the logs of various events associated with this account such as campaign activity, pause etc.

To update advertiser name and other info click on edit you will see most of the registration form fields.


Global PostBack

When you first add an advertiser to your vNative account a unique Global postback URL is generated for this advertiser by which any campaign conversion can be tracked.

Please send this postback URL to your advertiser and do a test conversion on any campaign added for him, as mentioned here.



Advertiser settings have the following options

  • Email Notifications – For sending account-related alerts
  • Account Manager
  • Currency – Advertiser Billing and dashboard currency
  • Pixel Domain – To change the Tracking Pixel for conversion tracking of campaigns of this advertiser enter any domain name and add it your vnative account first. After the Pixel domain is added here all the postback URLs and tracking pixel for this advertiser will be changed.
  • Append URL – Allows you to auto-append parameters in Advertiser Campaign URL. eg utm_source=abc123
  • Unique Conversion per IP
  • Link Checking – Auto Check Link redirect and disable campaigns with a broken link
  • Redirect type
    • Default (Using Javascript) recommended
    • Using 302 Redirect header
    • Double Meta refresh
  • Fallback URL – If campaign conditions are not met then redirect to fallback URL
  • Advanced Targeting Rules

Note: For Pixel Tracking use default Redirect type

Custom Fields

With vNative platform you can even add more fields like Tax ID, Skype ID etc or any custom field by clicking on Add new button, you can also edit the existing values by clicking Edit button. Custom Fields can also be created through API

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