Customising Global Advertiser PostBack URL

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Global PostBack URL can receive conversion, sale, app install etc notifications through a server to server from an advertiser for all their campaigns.

Generating Global PostBack URL

Go to advertiser >> manage from the left menu and open any advertiser account you will see a global postback card, copy the URL  to get your Advertiser Global PostBack URL{click_id}&security_token=b50346a1c529c82dac33

PostBack Tracking Parameter

vNative Platform postback URL has the following tracking parameter which can be appended to the URL

  • click_id – for network click ids
  • security_token – unique constant value differs for each advertiser
  • sale_amount – for tracking product sales value, is used in reporting profit etc
  • sub1 to sub10 – extra parameter to be passed in postback URL to be notified to vNative from advertiser
  • txn_id – unique transaction id, use the default value to be RANDOM to track upsells on a single click
  • goal_id – unique constant id for each campaign goals
  • goal_value – short name for goals

Example for Tracking Sale Amount{click_id}&security_token=b50346a1c529c82dac33&sale_amount={sale}

Advertiser Tracking Values

While you send this URL to your advertiser you have to keep in mind to change the tracking values (eg. {click_id}, {sale}, etc) with macros supported by your advertiser.

See Integration Examples

Debug PostBack

After setting up postback with your advertiser make a test to check the integration is successful, you can see the Debug logs from Advertiser >> Debug PostBack in left menu.

Custom Dimensions

It is a new feature in vNative platform only where you can add as many tracking parameters you need apart from the existing tracking parameters like sub1, txn_id etc.

If you run Lead Distribution Campaign you can add custom dimension like name, email, phone etc.

Go to Customize and Enable Custom Dimension from Tracking Page and hit save, Now a new menu link will appear in left custom dimension. Enter Name to add a new custom field and hit save.

Example to use custom dimension:{click_id}&security_token=b50346a1c529c82dac33&

I have used email as a custom dimension, for every custom dimension created its corresponding tracking value is also created in example email is custom dimension its tracking value will be {email}

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