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Campaign creatives in vNative platform allow you to host and upload all creative related to a campaign at one place as these creatives are used by publishers to drive conversions to campaigns.

vNative provides infrastructure to host and serve these creatives for you and your publishers. You can upload as many creative you need.

Go to Customize from the top right menu and open campaign page then enable creative upload and hit save.

Upload Creative

Go to Campaign >> Creatives from the left menu and click on Upload Creative

vNative Platform supports the following creative types:

  • Banner Image
  • Text Link
  • Email Creative
  • Landing Page
  • Video
  • HTML5 Ad
  • Native Ad Image
  • Other Asset

Select the proper creative type and then further select the campaign with which you want to associate this creative.

Enter Title and Description which will be visible to publishers and advertisers and select status to be active for the creative to be visible else select Inactive or Hidden.

Now Upload the Creative file by click on Choose Files and hit save.

After the creative is uploaded you can see its details and also download the creative code for any publisher.

Manage Creatives

Go to Campaign >> Creatives from the left menu. You will see a list of all the creative uploaded to the system. you can delete or update the creative info from here.

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