Bulk Importing and Updating Advertisers

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This tool helps to Bulk Import advertiser or Bulk Update advertisers in your vNative account, making it easier through CSV file uploads. CSV file has the certain fixed column which needs to maintained and then uploaded to CSV Upload Section in Integrations.

Preparing CSV File

Your Input file must be a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file containing advertisers you want to upload or update.

  • Contains up to 50,000 Advertisers
  • Fixed Header

The columns in CSV file are:

Column Optional/required Description
id Optional The unique advertiser id
name required name of the  advertiser
email required email of the advertiser only required if updating or creating
phone Optional phone of  advertiser
address Optional address of  advertiser
city Optional city of  advertiser
zipcode Optional zipcode of  advertiser
country Optional 2-digit country code
company Optional Name of the company advertiser is associated with
status required Select from active, pending, disabled, deleted
signup_ip Optional ip from which advertiser had registered

Advertisers can be created in vNative with CSV uploads, keep the id column empty in CSV file, make sure that all the columns in the CSV file are fixed as in format.

Sample File: Download

Once the file is ready, go to Integrations from Top right and select Advertiser from CSV Uploads in the left menu.

Updating Advertisers

To Update Advertiser, first, download all advertisers from Advertiser CSV import page and modify the fields you want to update and re-upload them.

Import Status

The vNative Platform Executes Import Task and Update record every 60 mins, so after upload the CSV file without any error check after 60 mins.

Once the Task is executed you can see status from last updated column and you can open the import task to see logs.

API Advertiser Import

vNative Platform allows you to import bulk campaign through API also.

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