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With vNative Platform Advanced Targeting feature you can set a global rule for allowing traffic or denying traffic for Browser, City, Region etc. You can define and manage Rule with Rule Blocks.

Even Device Version Targeting can be set for ENTERPRISE Customers. Campaign Specific Targeting Rules can also be set, In this article, we will learn on how to create and manage global advertiser level targeting rules.

Open any Advertiser Account from Advertiser Manage Page and click on Settings in Advertiser page.

Creating Advanced Targeting Rule

You can create highly specific rules for targeting a campaign to your preferred audiences. In vNative, you’ll find common targeting rules, such as browser type, device brand, and operating system.

Rule Block contains many rules, with some logic like allow from a particular country, block desktop traffic etc.

  • Rule Block Name – Any name to identify the block
  • Rule Block Condition – Select from AND/OR Condition
  • Variable are p1 to p5, sub1 to sub5, referrer, source, operating system, browser, device, city, region, country, carrier.
  • Logic is to allow the traffic if rule block condition is true or block if false.
  • Value can be any value of the selected Variable

Example Rule: Blocking Desktop Traffic

Enter the details after saving this you will see the rules applied, wait for 5 minutes so that rule can be implemented across various tracking server across the globe.

You can then further edit this rule, add a new one or delete this.

Variable Supported

The list of all supported variables are:

  • p1 to p10
  • sub1 to sub10
  • source
  • referer
  • operating system
  • browser
  • device
  • city
  • region
  • country
  • carrier/isp
  • conversion ip
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