Adjusting Publisher and Campaign Stats

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Adjust Tool in vNative lets you add or Update the aggregate conversions for your publishers, after updating or adding conversions its payout value is calculated and shown in reports. Reports are updated hourly, so after adding/updating conversions the main report will start showing the values within one hour.

Adjustment is used when working with offline reporting campaigns where you want to save data for publishers.

Adjusting Conversions

Go to Integrations from the top menu right and open Adjust stats page. The following data are needed for creating an adjustment.

Fields are:

  • Type – Conversions
  • Date – Select the date for which the data needs to be updated
  • Publisher – the publisher for which conversions data needs to be updated or added.
  • Campaign – the campaign for which¬†conversions data needs to be updated or added.
  • Action – Add or Remove
  • Quantity – any positive numeric value

Note: The revenue/payout is updated based on the values you have set for the campaign.

Manage Adjustments

After adding adjustment you can view the details from Adjustments tab

To rollback any changes you have done you can always delete the adjustments and the reporting will be restored to previous values.

Note: Adjusting conversions will not fire any postback to the publisher postback URL.

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