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Publishers are one of the initial points required for running your affiliate network. vNative platform allows you to add as many Publishers you want and also filter campaigns, report. Also, set a global postback of Publisher.

There are four ways Publisher can be added to your vNative account

  1. From your Admin Account
  2. Public Signup Form
  4. CSV Upload

Adding From Admin Account

To add a Publisher from your admin account go to Publisher >> Add from the left menu, a new page will open where you can input all the details.

The fields required are Full Name, Email and Account Status. If you have publisher account manager added you can select one and assign it to this account, Publisher Manager can then create an offer and generate bills for this Publisher.

Select Account status as active to activate Publisher account. A publisher can also login to their account and access their Publisher interface to see campaigns, bills, and reports.

Check “Notify this user by email” to send a welcome email to the publisher which you can also customize from Email templates sections and then hit Save.

Public Sign up Form

Any Publisher can also Register via public signup form.

This form can be accessed from you

Publisher who registers with this form is by default in Inactive state, you can then further activate, edit or delete their account by visiting Publisher >> Manage from the left menu.

Change Sign up Questions

With your vNative account, you can change signup question even add many as you want by going to Customize section with the link on top right of your vNative platform. Now select Sign up Question from the left menu after customize section is loaded.

After publisher is added they can login to their account with email id and password you have set for them.

Auto Approve Publisher

To Auto Enable the Publisher, Go to Customize>>Publisher>> Enabled from Auto Approve Publisher.

Auto Assigning Publisher Manager

To Auto Assign the Publisher Manager, Goto Customize>>Publisher>> Select the Manager from Auto Assign Publisher Manager.

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